Adventure tourism in South Africa

Abseiling, Cape Town

Now, this activity requires someone who is not afraid to jump off the edge, literally. And what better place to do abseiling than the Table Mountain! The Table Mountain is a feature that people do not want to miss when they visit South Africa. From here, you can take in the sights of Cape Town as you give yourself the push you need to take the plunge. As you go down the mountain, not only do you take in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, but you also see Robben Island and lots of other landmarks.

For a first-timer, you should finish in about an hour. And when you finish, taking some time to explore the mountain will be worth your while so be sure to get some good photos while at it.

the otter trail

The Otter Trail, Tsitsikamma

Before you embark on this adventure, here is a titbit that will come in handy: ensure that you are fit. Hiking for five days and four nights is no easy fete so be sure that you can take on the challenge before you get into adventure mood. A few weeks of strength training should do the trick as you ready yourself to camp under the stars as you enjoy the raw beauty in the trails. 

There are waterfalls, rock formations, fauna, flora, clear pools and forests along the path. Be sure to watch out for the baboons along the way as you brace yourself for the unpredictable weather.

This uncertainty does add to the perfection of the hike.

the cango caves

The Cango Caves

If you’re the kind of person who thinks of bats whenever they see caves, you should probably explore these caves to see the sort of beauty that they have. There are two options when it comes to touring the caves. In the first one, you get the standard tour where you get to see some of the spectacular attractions in the caves. The second one is an adventure tour and is the best for an adventurous person like you.

Crawling through small spaces and squeezing through narrow passages is a great way to explore a cave and you will feel the adrenaline pumping with every step that you take.

Be sure to pass through the devil’s chimney which measures 45 centimetres. It may seem impossible, but many have been able to push through and get to the other side with ease. Take your chance. After all, it is an adventure!

man kayaking


Not only will you be enjoying some time on a kayak, but you will also be keeping an eye out for the predators around you. That’s right; there are hippos and crocs in the water. For some people, the thought of a hippo is that of a cute, round animal with smooth skin. But do not let their appearance fool you. Hippos are dangerous animals, both on land and in water. They attack humans whenever they feel threatened, and even without provocation at times. So, whatever you do, stay away from the hippos.

As for the crocs, they have pretty terrifying looks.
Couple that with their speed and you would be in a lot of trouble if they caught you. However, the kayaking experience is set to be beautiful if you stay away from the animals and instead, focus on the views of the water. If this is your kind of adventure, then the KwaZulu-Natal is the place to be.

Get ready to have the time of your life with these activities. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

Bloukrans Bridge provides the ideal place to do some bungee jumping. Here is a little fun fact about this spot. You will plunge at least six hundred and fifty feet below the bridge, heading for the river right under the bridge. The adrenaline rush that you’ll get from this experience is sure to have you shaken for a while. Be sure to book 48 hours in advance as the spot is quite popular.

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