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The sacred mountain lodge

The word sacred is bound to have you feeling calm long before you set foot on the expansive grounds in Noordhoek where this lodge lies. The first thing that you will notice about this centre is that it is in a quiet place; a country lane, the kind of space that lets you be at one with your thoughts. Here, you get to have extensive views of the white sand by the sea as you take in the mountainous region to the back as well as the lush valley therein. It is indeed a sight to behold.

The tranquillity of the lodge is perfect for anyone looking to unwind. Once you choose the accommodation that best suits you, you are free to explore the various forms of relaxation in the lodge. 

There is a private wellness spa where you can nurse both your body and mind back to good health, a heated swimming pool where you can take a dip after a long day, trails and beach rides to help you take in the beauty and a private bar for those shots you’ve been itching to take. 

On top of all these services, you also get to enjoy some great home-cooked meals. Going back to the basics is a great way to get back in shape, and this is what the lodge offers.

The Kariega main lodge

If you are in the Sunshine Coast, then a great place to unwind as you enjoy some wildlife sights would be this lodge in the Eastern Cape. With ten thousand hectares sprawling all around you, enjoying the beauty of the wilderness will not be such a hassle. You can view the flora and fauna as you enjoy the five different eco-systems around you. The dramatic views in the area are quite powerful, and you will feel different by the time you leave.  

And the most exciting thing about this place is that it is malaria-free. You would think that with the wilderness around you that you would need some form of preventative medicine, but this is not the case. While here, you can take part in bush walks, river cruises, hikes and game viewing. 

The wellness spa comprises treatment rooms and a gym where you can enjoy therapy as well as beauty treatments. Some souvenirs from the curio shops would be a great way to remember this place so be sure to grab some on your way home.

Kuzuko Lodge

The Addo Elephant National Park has a gem in its midst, and this is none other than this lodge which offers you incredible views of the park. And what’s more, this region is malaria free. From the rooms, you not only get a view of the valley below, but you also get to enjoy a glimpse of the Zuuberg Mountain. You can view the game throughout the day and at night; you can use a telescope to see the game as they go about their nightly hunting.

There are numerous game drives during the morning and night where you get to enjoy better views of the wildlife. You can relax at the pool or get treatments at the wellness centre at the end of each day as you look forward to more raw beauty the coming day. While here, you can enjoy both traditional and modern healthy dishes. This lodge is ideal for families who are looking to unwind together.

Wellness centres are a great way to let go of some of the steam as you ready yourself for what’s next. Is there a honeymoon on your mind?

Is that promotion getting to you? A few treatments will do you good so be sure to get some relaxation while you can.

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